Low Impact Bicycle Rides in the New York / Long Island / Hudson Valley Region


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This site is dedicated to New York area cyclists who enjoy biking with family and friends on mostly flat, off-road recreation paths.  It is not, necessarily, a site for beginning cyclists or lazy ones - as some of these paths can be challenging and some may cover a little more mileage than an out-of-shape rider can handle.  However, if your idea of a satisfying few hours on two wheels is to get out on a safe, mostly traffic-free path that passes through interesting places or offers great scenery, you've come to the right place. 

As a child growing up on Long Island, I rode my brother's hand-me-down Schwinn Orange Crate everywhere, every day. As an adult, bicycling has changed the way my wife and I see the world.  I hope this collection of some of the better bike paths in the New York Metro area does the same for you.  


Please remember that cycling involves risks and that I can not take responsibility for injuries, accidents, or other mishaps that may occur during your rides.  Please wear a helmet and ride safely and within the limits of your abilities.


Also, I am sorry to say that, as work obligations continue to take over a greater part of my life, I am unable to visit the majority of these paths on a regular basis anymore.  For this reason, some of the information may be slightly or significantly outdated.  In the summer of 2004, I started including the date of my most recent visit at the top of each ride page.  This will serve as a basic reference regarding current conditions, etc.   However, I recommend that, before you set out to ride any of the paths or trails listed, you contact cyclists or tourism offices in the area of the ride for up-to-the-minute trail conditions, closings, etc.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your rides!

If you have any comments or questions, please send me an